Shed Antlers Measured At “boat Show” Are Tops In State

Jay Miller of Excelsior, Minn., shows the set of shed antlers he found on Feb. 9 and 10. The set of typical antlers is a record for Minnesota, measuring 175 inches by official measurers at the Duluth Boat, Sports and Travel Show on Thursday. (Sam Cook photo)

Official measurers at the Duluth Boat, Sports and Travel Show on Thursday measured a set of shed antlers that took over first place among all Minnesota shed antlers. The two antlers of the typical 12-point buck were found Feb. 9 and 10 near Excelsior, Minn., by Jay Miller of Excelsior. Miller is a vendor at the boat show and brought the antlers along to be measured.

The right antler scored 91 3/8 and the left scored 89 5/8, according to the panel of official measurers. The net score of the set is 175 0/8, and that, of course, is without an inside-spread measurement.

Tom Miller of the North American Shed Hunters Club in Lyndon Station, Wis., confirmed that the set of sheds is now the top-ranked set in Minnesota and is also the sixth-ranked set in the world. The North American Shed Hunters Club is the official record-keeping body for shed antlers.

The antler points are nearly symmetrical, and the tines are exceptionally long. Miller said he had seen the buck on his trail camera throughout January. Miller saw the buck in person on Feb. 7 and noticed that it had dropped its right antler. He began searching for it on Feb. 8. He found the right antler on Feb. 9 and the left a day later within a quarter-mile of where he found the first antler.

Dennis Petrick of the Minnesota Official Measurers signed the score-sheet for the measurement of Jay Miller’s antlers, but Petrick said it was also panel-scored, meaning that several measurers conferred during the measuring process.

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  2. matt

    What a great buck! Nice to know that we have these high quality and massive brutes lurking in the woodlines of metro areas. i live next to a closed unit down along the Minnesota River in South Bloomington and see quite a few mature whitetails; but nothing close to this. And i was fortunate enough to harvest a nice 6×6 last year up north….he is at the taxidermist now.
    I noticed in the video of the Excelcior buck that he actually was a 6×7 last summer but one broke off…was wondering if that will effect the net score, or if the boken tine will NOT be a deduction if it was starting to grow over…anybody know ???

  3. Jon Maakestad

    We live in Shorewood and I saw this buck last December, (2010). He was getting up from a bed across a wetland 60 yards from our house. He was a huge animal and when he stood up his antlers got tangled in the small trees. He had to back out of the spot where he bed down to untangle his antlers. I walked up to about 40 yards from him and couldn’t believe how tall the individual tines were on the rack. This was just south of Highway seven and east of Galpin lake.

  4. Don

    I watched the video several times and it CLEARLY shows the Excelsior buck’s right antler has 7 points and the left side has 6 points. If I know how to add, that equals 13. Yet the article calls it a typical 12 pt buck. According to the photo it looks to me like the main beam is broken. How is it being measured?

  5. cody carpenter

    WOW,WOW,WOW!!!! Not often one word sums up what Im thinking,but,WOW!That is a truely AMAZING and AWESOME find! Well done and best of luck to you hunting that extraordinary brute this coming season!

  6. You can not offically count any tine or burr under one inch. If it is broken and over an inch you can measure that, but you can not make it the same measurement as the non broken side. Hope this helps.

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