248-pounder tops big-buck contests so far

Here are some of the bucks entered in big-buck contests around the region as of this morning:

Brimson Sportsmen’s Club, Brimson

  1. 246.4, Greg Zapolski, Two Harbors
  2. 226, Connor Kolberg, no town listed
  3. 223.8, Mike Billings Jr., no town listed

Big doe: 156.2, Michael McTavish, no town listed

Buck’s Hardware Hank, Grand Marais

By weight:

  1. 242.2, Mark Morehouse, Cottage Grove, Minn.
  2. 237.2, Jerry Waha, Grand Portage
  3. 217.6, Jody Smith, Grand Marais

By antler spread:

  1. 25 inches, Coleecq Johnson, Grand Marais
  2. 22 inches, Ron Langer, Stillwater, Minn.
  3. 21.5 inches, Jed Smith, Grand Marais

Crossroads Convenience and Gas, Iron

1. 209, Bill Tuomala, no town listed

2. 202, Tony Bernard, Iron

3. 194, Roger Mayry, Iron

Deer River Sportsmen’s Club/Deer River Vets Club

  1. 224.5, David Larson, Deer River
  2. 214, Lane Parks, Deer River
  3. 202, Bruce Giffen, Cohasset

Big doe: 148, Mitchell Ricketson, no town listed

Fisherman’s Corner, Pike Lake

  1. 248, Gregory Zapolski, Two Harbors
  2. 227, Jeffrey Morrison, no town listed
  3. 208, Scott Waters, no town listed

Fredenberg Minno-Ette, Fredenberg Township

1. 234.5, Jim Kaas, Duluth

2. 209, Burt Schweiger, Duluth

3. 204, Evan Youngstrom, Duluth

Big doe: 151, John McAdamis, Duluth

Lawrence Lake Legion, Bovey

1. 237.5, Jason Fillman, Pengilly

2. 230, Aaron Trumbloy, Taconite

3. 218, Mike Shevich, Zimmerman, Minn.

Big doe: 151, Jess Mjolaneos, Bovey

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