Cider-making Day At The Moen-Kolenz Home

Torin Peterson, 3, tosses another apple into the hopper as Andrew Scully turns the crank. They were helping make apple cider at the home of Clint Moen and Kris Kolenz in Duluth on Sunday. (Sam Cook photo)

Dozens of friends and neighbors stopped by the home of Duluth’s Clint Moen and Kris Kolenz Sunday afternoon for their annual cider-making operation. It’s a totally non-commercial venture, just a way for folks to share the bounty of the season, some excellent food and good times. Kids love to help out, feeding apples into the hopper of the grinder and helping turn the big handle on the press.

The event continues from noon to dusk in the Moen-Kolenz front yard. Kris makes chili and apple crisp and apple pies for guests to eat, and there’s a grill going with brats and hotdogs. Kris walks around with a pitcher of fresh cider and a pile of cups, offering to pour for anyone who’s thirsty. There’s a fire burning in a fire enclosure and bales of hay for guests to sit on. It’s festive and low-key at the same time. Kids and dogs mill about. Woodsmoke wafts through the scene.

Friends and neighbors bring apples for the event, and Kris drives around before the day of cider-making asking owners of apple trees if they’d be willing to share their apples for the event. She rarely gets turned down. Check one of the photos below to get an idea of how many apples were made into cider on Sunday.

The cider-making is a two-step process, all accomplished at one unit. First, apples are ground up into small pieces, then they’re pressed. It probably takes about 15 minutes to make two gallons of cider.

Here are several more pictures from the day:

While Kjell Peterson of Duluth cranks the grinder, Carl Morse, 4, and Kade Katzmarek, 5, keep the apples coming. (Sam Cook photo)
Plenty of apples had been gathered for pressing. (Sam Cook photo)
Clint Moen, left, jokes with Kade Katzmarek as they press apples into cider. The cider flows out the bottom of the press and into the red bucket below. (Sam Cook photo)
Sara Revoir concentrates as she pours fresh cider through a strainer before it's bottled. (Sam Cook photo)
Cider streams into a bucket as the apples are pressed. (Sam Cook photo)
Ian Morse, 6, (left) and Kjell Peterson of Duluth turn the long arms of the cider press as they make cider at the home of Clint Moen and Kris Kolenz on Sunday. (Sam Cook photo)

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