Monarchs Are On The Move

Monarch butterflies cling to oak leaves in Kansas. Monarchs are making their annual migration to Mexico now. (Submitted photo by Tim Connell)

My friend Tim Connell, who lives in Kansas, sent me the photo above of monarch butterflies, which are migrating now to Mexico. Some of them may be from Minnesota. Here’s what Connell wrote with the photo:

“We have a version of your hawk migration. There are certain days in the fall when you see lots of monarchs flying. You know the migration has started, and if you go out early the next morning they are all hanging from the trees in the yard. As soon as the sun warms things up, they are off. When you walk by the trees they all fly off into the air, kind of like little butterfly explosions.”

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  1. Joan Cordts

    What a great picture! I have a friend who goes to Mexico every winter and has shown me pictures she has taken in “the valley of the monarchs”. Even though the butterflies don’t weigh anything, they make the branches of the trees hang low from the weight of their mass. She said their is a whisper sound in the valley, from their wings flapping I suspect, and it’s almost sacred.

    I have added seeing this valley to my “bucket list”

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