Look Who Came To Dinner, Or Possibly Several Dinners

A black bear pauses to pose for a photo before heading into the woods on Observation Hill in Duluth. (Lisa Baumann photo)

My colleague Lisa Baumann made the photo above after this well-nourished black bear spent some time dining on her garbage in the Observation Hill neighborhood on Saturday. She said the big ol’ bruin took his sweet time eating and wasn’t deterred by the presence of Baumann and her husband.

I’ve been hearing more frequent reports lately of bears in the Duluth area. The reports may seem more numerous than the bears themselves because so many people see the same bear. But it’s clear some of them are roaming around town, sampling apples, bird feed, residential garbage and other delectables.

Moral of the story: If you don’t want bears around, try to make your garbage and bird feed unavailable to them. But if you’re like many Duluth residents, you don’t mind seeing a bear at close range once in a while.