Fever Builds As Bow Hunters Await Their Opener

T.J. Johnson of Chalstrom's Bait and Tackle applies glue to the fletching of an arrow. He was applying fletching to arrows for Nate Siem of Cloquet on Monday afternoon. (Sam Cook photo)

Bow hunters, like grouse hunters, are getting ready for their season opener, and the archery center at Chalstrom’s Bait and Tackle is a busy place. Minnesota’s and Wisconsin’s small game and archery deer seasons open Saturday.

A steady stream of customers filed into Chalstrom’s Monday afternoon to buy arrows, have bows tuned and buy lighted nocks for arrows. Nate Siem of Cloquet and Isaiah Johnson of Moose Lake were among them. Nate needed some new arrows. Both 21, the two men are avid hunters. I asked Isaiah if he was pumped about bow hunting.

“I wish I could quit my job this time of year and go back to work after the season,” he said.

As it happens, he’s laid off from his construction job this fall, so he’ll have more time than usual on his hands. He and Siem hunt deer near Floodwood, they said.

I spent a couple of hours at the shop on Monday to talk to bow hunters about hunting, about the Duluth city bow hunt and anything else on their minds. I’ll put together a story about bow hunters’ passion for the hunt this Sunday in the Duluth News Tribune’s Outdoors section.