Everest Approach Must Wait For Clearing Weather

Grand Marais and Boulder, Colo., polar adventurer and climber Eric Larsen is playing the waiting game in Namche Bazar, a tiny village high in the Himalayas. Larsen and part of his team of Sherpas is waiting for rainy weather and fog to clear so the rest of their team of Sherpas can join them from Kathmandu. Time is of the essence. The team needs to get in position on the mountain if it hopes to have a chance at the summit.

Larsen, 39, hopes to become the first person to reach the South Pole, North Pole and the summit of Mount Everest in the span of one year. He hopes to reach the summit of Everest in the third or fourth week of October.

Here’s his Monday update from his website:  “I’m not saying that I’ve turned waiting into an art form, but over time, I’ve definitely refined skills of patience and managing expectations. Realistically here, my serenity is due more to the fact that I don’t have another choice. But, after three days in Namche Bazar, it would be very easy to be frustrated and anxious about our situation.”

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