Another Big Lake Trout From Lake Superior


 Donovan McCorrison of Duluth caught this 41 1/2-inch lake trout while trolling out of Duluth on Lake Superior on April 22. The fish took a Brad’s ’57 Chevy pattern spoon in 8 feet of water. The trout made three runs with up to 280 feet of line out, McCorrison said, and took 22 minutes to land. He tried unsuccessfully to revive the fish in his livewell, so he ended up keeping it, he said. A length-girth formula put the trout’s weight at about 31 pounds. (Submitted photo)

     McCorrison’s fish is the third large lake trout to have been taken in Lake Superior near Duluth in the past six weeks. Dustin Carlson of Duluth caught one last Wednesday that was 36 1/2 inches (25-plus pounds), and Tom Pfister of Duluth caught one through the ice on March 2 that was 38 1/2 inches long. Carlson released his fish, and Pfister kept his. It’s pretty unusual for a lake trout of that size to be caught in the Duluth end of Lake Superior, let alone three in such a short time.