More On The Way

I took the photo above in our garden this morning. We’ve picked quite a few ripe tomatoes from the garden, and it looks as if we’ll have more to enjoy soon. That is, if the deer don’t get them first.

We share a garden with our neighbors and their extended family. The space is surrounded by six-foot-high mesh fencing on steel posts. That keeps most of the critters out most of the time. The raccoons managed to weasel through and cut into our neighbors’ sweet-corn harvest. And last night, while walking the dog down the dark side street near our garden, I saw a black form move across the street ahead of us. It seemed to be about the right height for a doe, too high for your average black bear. That’s all I saw of her.

But when I got near the garden, I looked over and saw two fawns browsing contentedly on something — lettuce, basil or tomato plants. I spoke to them. They didn’t move. The dog seemed to pose no threat to them. It was as if they were saying, "How can that dog bother us? She’s outside the fence, and we’re inside."

I figured the doe had been in there with the fawns, too, but just departed earlier. This morning, I saw a large rip in the mesh. I’m assuming that’s where they entered. I hope they left the same way. I patched it, but you have to wonder whether it’ll do much good.

The deer left most of the tomatoes alone, so I remain hopeful for future harvests.

I believe the average date of first frost in our area is Sept. 22. I don’t think we have any frost in the extended forecast, so we should get a few more growing days.