Sharptails On The Prairies

Tom Bell (foreground) of Duluth and Dick Adams of Superior hunt sharptail grouse along a treeline in North Dakota this past week. Bell has been making the trip to western North Dakota for many years.


Five of us camped on the prairie and hunted sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge for five days this past week near New Town, N.D.  The weather was a bit too warm some days, but hunting was good for both sharptails and Huns.

We were all amazed at the amount of oil-drilling that’s taking place in the area. New drilling technologies and higher prices for crude oil have made it profitable to drill in the Bakken Formation, a 24,000-acre deposit two miles down. It’s a boom atmosphere, and we shared the roads with semi trucks hauling saltwater that’s a byproduct of the drilling.

Look for my story on the trip in Sunday’s News Tribune’s Northland Outdoors section with photos of hunters, their dogs and the North Dakota landscape.


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  1. tw

    theres gold in them thar prairies
    …….some of the gold has feathers…..some of the gold gets shipped via trucks…….

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