The Pull Of North Dakota


Several of my friends are now in North Dakota, chasing sharp-tailed grouse and Hungarian partridge. And I’ll be leaving soon for the same purpose. I can’t wait.

The photo above is from my last North Dakota hunt, two or three years ago, with the Francisco family of Duluth. It was a fine trip, full of pheasants and sky and family stories.

This time, when I go for sharptails, we’ll be staying in a small campground, living close to our dogs, cooking our meals over Coleman stoves and living under the great canopy of the North Dakota sky. I suspect we’ll see lots of critters in that wide-open, see-forever country. Hawks, coyotes, deer, waterfowl, cranes — and probably plenty of sharptails and Huns, too.

I will thoroughly enjoy the hunting, but I must admit that the strongest lure is being in that sparsely settled land, moving through native grasses, watching the country level out to the horizon in all directions.

And when the moon rises over those prairies, I’ll throw another log on the fire for you at night and hope you’re as happy as I am.

(If you don’t see any new posts here for a few days, it’ll be because the campground doesn’t have wi-fi. What are the odds, really?)


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  1. Sam Cook

    We hunted the Stanley and New Town area near Lake Sakakawea. We found plenty of birds, plenty of prairie — and lots of new oil-drilling rigs.

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