Bowhunters Welcome In Antlerless Firearms Hunt

As it turns out, the early antlerless firearms deer season in areas near Duluth also will include bowhunters. That’s according to Roger Tietz, operations support manager for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in Little Falls, Minn.

“If an archer out there wants to buy that $7.50 permit, we’re going to let them do it,” Tietz said Monday.

Minnesota’s bowhunting season opens Saturday and continues through Dec. 31, so the bowhunting season already will be under way during the Oct. 11-12 early antlerless firearms season. The inclusion of bowhunters in the hunt means that they will be able to buy antlerless permits for $7.50 valid for that weekend only. Antlerless bonus permits valid for the rest of the bow season cost $14 each.

The inclusion of bowhunters in the early antlerless season Oct. 11-12 also means that bowhunters registered for the city of Duluth’s bowhunt may use the $7.50 permits in that hunt, Tietz said. Firearms hunters, however, are not allowed to hunt within city limits.
Phillip Lockett, president of the Arrowhead Bowhunters Alliance, said it was his understanding, too, that bowhunters could use the $7.50 permits Oct. 11-12 in the Duluth hunt. The ABA conducts the Duluth bowhunt for the city.

Tietz said it was not the DNR’s initial intent that bowhunters take part in the early antlerless hunt, but wording about the hunt did not specifically exclude them. He said the DNR likely will change the wording next year so that only firearms hunters may take part in that hunt.