The Bear Hunt

Minnesota’s bear hunt opened Monday, and it had to be one of the hottest bear openers in several years, with temperatures up in the mid- to upper 80s. Bears don’t like to move much in that kind of weather. And if you shoot a bear in that kind of weather, it requires all the care you can muster to process the meat before it spoils.

Several Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conservation officers, in their Tuesday-morning report today, indicated that not many bear hunters were out on Monday. Makes sense. Several also reported that hunters haven’t been having a great deal of success in getting bears to visit their baits because of the warm weather and the presence of natural foods (berries, hazelnuts, acorns).

The DNR says that most years, the majority of bears taken by hunters are killed the first week of the season. It looks like the weather will cool down nicely after today’s rains move through, so perhaps the rest of the week will offer better prospects.


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  1. Tom Ward 218-590-2278

    My son in law, Jeff Wilmot 218-624-4380 brought down a large bear on Wednesday with one arrow, in the Cotton area. I think you might want to call him, for an interesting story.

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