Real Or Imagined?

A week ago, I wrote a column in which I questioned the truth of an alleged 58- or 59-inch muskie that had reportedly been caught on Lake Vermilion. To date, I’ve received no verification of that catch.

While away on vacation over the past 10 days, I received an e-mail from Paul Pollock, a muskie fishing guide on Lake Vermilion. Here’s what he had to say about that alleged fish: "I heard about it, saw pics of the alleged fish online, and thought this is b.s. If a 58 inch muskie really was caught there would be SO much clamor over that fish. It’s funny that with all the time guides such as myself spend on the water, that my 55 is the biggest I’ve even heard of a guide boating on Vermilion……ever……..but this guy boats a 58?…….
  The hold on the pic I saw is a vertical hold……very difficult to judge the size of a fish with that hold. If it was legit, my hat’s off to the guy, but I just don’t buy it."

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  1. anonymous

    I’ve heard of the 58″ muskie caught on Lake Vermilion. I think it is real because the guy who caught it is a family friend of mine and lives in the same town as me.

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