Fish Story

    I heard a good fish story this morning from an older gentleman I was visiting with. Many of us, while playing a fish, have had a hungry northern pike come up and slash at the fish or even grab onto it. This story had that common element, but with a twist.

    The man and a friend were fishing on Boulder Lake north of Duluth when one of the men hooked a walleye. He was reeling it in when he saw a northern come up and take a swipe at the walleye. But he missed. The man kept reeling the small walleye in.

     His friend had the net ready and was in the act of netting the walleye when the pike, about a 3 1/2-pounder, leaped completely out of the water to get the walleye. The pike missed the walleye again but landed in the net — along with the hooked walleye.

     The anglers had a good chuckle about that. They released the walleye, which they deemed to small to keep, and also the northern pike. But they kept the story.