Yes, There Were Bugs

A friend of mine responded to my last post asking how the insect life was in Quetico. It was healthy.

We had a couple of warm, humid days on the trail, and the mosquitoes were pretty thick on the portages. None of us used headnets or bug jackets. We just sprayed on a bit of bug dope for the portages.

In camp, the mosquitoes weren’t bad except at sunset.

I asked an outfitter friend in Ely after our trip what he tells his clients about bugs this summer. He said he warns them that the mosquitoes will be "pesky." He also tells them not to let the bugs ruin their trip. I think that’s a good approach. Expect mosquitoes this summer. Know you’ll have to deal with them at times. But don’t get so focused on the bugs that you lose sight of all the other good things going on out there.