On The Trails

Is this any way to treat a nice pair of running shoes?

Perhaps not, but if you run trails — especially this year — that’s what your shoes will look like. It’s been muddier longer this year than it has for a few years. But, to me, it’s worth it to run in the woods. You see dirt and mud instead of asphalt and concrete. You hear ovenbirds and white-throated sparrows instead of cars and motorcycles. You see bunchberry blossoms and forget-me-nots instead of signs advertising gas for $3.99 per gallon.

In short, it’s lovely in those woods. Today, for instance, I saw that the bunchberries are in bloom and sumac trees are heavy with their creamy flowers. Almost every day, there’s some little surprise. The yellow Lab loves it, too, inspecting rotten deer kills from last winter and plunging into trailside ponds.

The shoes will have to be muddy.