Apple Blossoms And Rhubarb

This weather has been a bit crazy and cold and wet and nasty, but when I let Lucy, the yellow Lab, out in the yard tonight, I noticed these apple blossoms that had collected on a big ol’ rhubarb leaf. Not a big deal, no. Just one of those nice little images that sometimes appears in the midst of an otherwise drab day. Not unlike carrying a canoe over a killer portage and coming upon a patch of bunchberries in bloom. Or a carpet of twinflower. Your shoulders are aching. Your legs are full of lactic acid. Perhaps even mosquitoes are probing various patches of exposed skin. And there, at your feet, is this beautiful scene just waiting for you to pass by.

Maybe what makes these images and moments so nice is that they’re so fleeting. You don’t expect them. They might not be there tomorrow. Or you might not be there tomorrow. So take ’em in. Soak ’em up.