Good Fishing

    Reports I’m getting tell me this summer has the makings of a great summer for fishing. Six friends of mine just returned from a day trip in the Boundary Waters and caught many, many walleyes. They kept only their limits, of course, and smaller fish at that. But they caught lots, and some of them were larger fish. The lake must remain nameless.

     Each week, conservation officers with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources also file reports, and many of them I saw today included reports of good fishing.

     Reports from the St. Louis River over the weekend were less glowing, with good anglers having trouble finding many walleyes in a local contest.

     The "Nice Fish" list we publish in the News Tribune each Sunday is also growing to its usual June heftiness, and the big walleyes on Saganga Lake north of Grand Marais are turning on, it appears.

     I don’t know. I just have a hunch this might be a great summer of fishing.