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    Grand Portage photographer Travis Novitsky sent a link for his most recent photo journal today. I’d urge you to check it out. Travis is a talented young man, with both camera and pen. He has some nice images of a very cooperative ruffed grouse drumming, as well as other scenics from the region.

     The Duluth News Tribune shared some of Novitsky’s photos in its March 30 edition from his trip to observe and photograph sandhill cranes in Nebraska.

     If you go to his journal, note his comments about appreciating where he lives, on the shores of Lake Superior. I think you’ll find his thoughts interesting.

     Here’s the link:

     It’s a beautiful Friday in the North. Hope you find a way to be outside for a bit.

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  1. lena furth sweden

    I know this is unconventional, but I am looking for relatives in the US and I have traced down Carole Lent, and I saw that she has a photo here on your site. Is it possible that through you, I could get hold of an e-mail addresse to her? Carole is a second cousin of my mum´s. Or at least, could you send her this message and she can e-mail me if she would like to know her ancestry? I would appreciate it grately (but I also understand if you think I am just a crazy person=)) Hope for luck, Lena in Sweden.

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