How Cold Was It?

    A friend and his group of seven others just returned from their annual fishing-opener trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. They were to have been out for six days but called it off after five. Of the five days they were in the woods, they were able to fish for about one and a half days. It rained a cold rain for a couple of days. Snow accumulated overnight one night.

    "It was like deer hunting," my friend said. "It was so cold, all our minnows died. I’ve never had that happen in all my years."

    He was careful to mix the water from the oxygen-packed minnows with the colder lake water gradually when he first arrived. The minnows lasted for a couple of days. But finally, every last one of them died.

    The group caught plenty of walleyes to eat. One angler caught a 32-incher. The anglers tangled with some big northerns.