Bloodroot And More

Photo by Andrew Krueger / Duluth News Tribune

A bloodroot plant blooms in the Rice Lake Township yard of Andrew Krueger on May 4.


     One of my colleagues here at the newspaper, Andrew Krueger, shared the photo above of a bloodroot blooming over the weekend. Bloodroot are among the first of the wildflowers to emerge in spring, poking up through last fall’s leaf litter before any trees have begun to leaf out. The plant is named for the reddish juice that comes out of its underground stems when they’re cut.

     Other wildflowers will be close on the heels of bloodroot. We can look for the flashy marsh marigolds in wetlands and ditches any day now. Trillium will soon be blooming along the Munger Trail between Duluth and Carlton. The lush leaves of  bluebead lily, which look like wild leeks, will be forging up through last fall’s dead leaves soon, and their yellow blossoms will follow.

      Look for all of these when you’re in the woods this time of year.

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  1. birder

    I used to know what a lot of wildflowers were called, thanks to sophomore botany. Maybe I can start over … I’m going to keep my eyes open for bloodroot.

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