Tischer Creek, In A Hurry

Lots of water flows down a set of falls on Tischer Creek in Duluth on Sunday afternoon.

     Rivers in northern Minnesota are full of water with recent rains. Walking along Tischer Creek Sunday afternoon was a real treat. The creek was humming with runoff, cascading down the steep drops in the rocky canyon.
     We lived for a time in Colorado, which obviously has some wonderful natural resources. But, especially on the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, where we lived, water was hard to come by. No lakes. A few reservoirs. Hardly any rain. Up in the mountains, streams tumbled down the mountains, and we got up there as often as we could. We were happy, when we moved back to Minnesota, in no small part because of the abundance of water — lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands.
      Now, we almost take all this water for granted. But as I walked along Tischer Creek Sunday, I reminded myself that it’s rare to have a metropolitan area with that kind of stream flowing through it. And Tischer is one of about 10 streams that course down the Duluth hillside.
      I’m sure all of them were looking good on Sunday.