Nice May Day In Duluth

Leaving Fitger’s Brewery Complex after lunch today, I had to stop to check out the lake. A Northeaster had some decent waves rolling in along the Lakewalk. I grabbed a few shots before heading back to work. While it was fun to watch the bigger waves breaking on this lump of rock, it was just as nice to watch the water as it ran off the top of the rock in all directions.

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  1. Sam Cook

    We are starting to plan our youth pheasant hunt sponsored by the ABC Sportsmans Club. We have tried to get you there before and have not had any luck yet due to timing. I am giving a heads up on this and hope you can fit us into your schedule. There is a class taught by the DNR and the kids get a free 3 bird hunt each. It would be nice to show what the DNR and The sportsmans club does for these kids. Let me know if you can fit us in. My email is

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