Steelhead Run Update

    Minnesota’s North Shore steelhead fishing has been hampered by high water and cold rivers, but some fish are moving up streams. Department of Natural Resources officials count steelhead (Lake Superior migratory rainbow trout) and Kamloops rainbow trout at traps on the Knife and French rivers. Here are totals through Wednesday (April 23):

     Knife River trap: 84 unclipped (wild) steelhead, 105 clipped steelhead, 5 Kamloops rainbows

     French River trap: 17 unclipped steelhead, 2 clipped steelhead, 112 Kamloops rainbows

Most of the Kamloops females were in "ripe" condition; that is, ready to spawn, said Don Schreiner, DNR Lake Superior Area fisheries supervisor at French River. Most of the steelhead were not ripe, which is not uncommon early in the run.