Duck On A Small Pond

    You’ve got to love this.

     One of my co-workers, Mary Beamish, came to work on this rainy Friday reporting that she had seen a drake mallard swimming in a pothole on 53rd Avenue East between Tioga and Colorado streets. Finally. For so long, Duluth’s potholes have gotten a bum rap. Our citizens harangue city administrators about the condition of our streets. Frustrated drivers complain about the length, breadth and depth of our potholes. 

     But no longer. They’re not just potholes anymore. 

     Now they’re wildlife habitat.


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  1. maryb

    well, i just drove by the 53rd avenue east pothole … er, make that “duck habitat” and it’s been filled in by our hardworking city pothole-fillers. better call the DNR!!!

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