Water, Water…

    Lots of steelhead anglers were out over the weekend. Most North Shore streams were in good shape but too cold to draw any of the big rainbows in from Lake Superior. With rain in the forecast for today (Monday) and Tuesday, the rivers may be too high to be fishable for another few days. But perhaps the rain will warm the streams and trigger a run of fish.

    I drove to Ely and back over the weekend. It was great to see the swamps and rivers full of water. With last fall’s rains and ample snow this winter, water levels ought to be close to normal this year after a dry summer last year. Every river was bankful. Ice was coming off the swamps, and they, too, were brimful with water. Every ditch had its little stream.

    In Ely, the talk was about potential ice-out dates. Shagawa Lake in Ely usually goes out April 25, and guesses were that it will be later than usual this year. But birds were returning. Someone had seen a loon on a piece of open water on Farm Lake on April 19. Someone else had seen a phoebe. Two bald eagles and a couple of great blue herons flew by as we barbecued on a deck. I saw a kingfisher on a utility line as we were leaving town Sunday. It’s happening.