Blizzard? What Blizzard?

    OK, OK. We have a storm of some consequence coming. Eight to 21 inches? Six to 16 inches? Four to 12 inches? More here? Less there?

     I’ll have to say I have mixed emotions about it. I do love extremes of weather and seasons. It’s part of why I live here. It’s cool to see what kind of conditions materialize at the confluence of a huge lake and a steep hillside set against a backdrop of the North. For that reason, I’m kind of keen to see what Friday brings. You can bet I’ll be down near the waterfront at least part of the day, and I’ll be gathering material for a column on Saturday. Maybe I’ll see you down there.

     On the other hand, how worked up can we get about a storm like this in mid-April? It’s light until 8 p.m. Temperatures will rise early next week to begin melting whatever accumulates. It somehow lacks the fierceness of a storm like this in January, when we have to fight it in the dark of night and it’s usually followed by a cold spell. An April blizzard is a little like a January thaw — it’s an interesting diversion, but a fleeting thing.

     That said, I wish you the best on Friday. I hope you can hole up with a good book or sit down and pore over some maps of future trips.

     And I hope all the newly arrived robins find places to hole up, too.

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  1. Holedup

    I’m holed up with my Crown Royal and a hot blonde!
    Screw Ewe, Sam Cook, I’m not going outside!!

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