Cool On The Brule

Looks like it’s going to be a cool steelhead opener on Wisconsin’s Brule River on Saturday. Steelhead fishing opens from U.S. Highway 2 to Lake Superior — or at least wherever anglers can find open water in that part of the river. Overnight lows Friday night are forecast to be about 14. That will mean some pretty nippy going in the early hours Saturday morning. Many anglers arrive at the river by 4 a.m. just to hold the fishing spot they want. You’ll want to have plenty of hot coffee in the Thermos while you’re waiting. Highs on Saturday are supposed to be around the freezing mark. There will be some ice in the guides when anglers start making their drifts for steelhead on Saturday.

Dennis Pratt, fisheries biologist with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, said on Thursday morning that the ice was out on the Brule as far downstream as Wisconsin Highway 13 on Wednesday. The leaves about six miles of ice-covered river downstream to Lake Superior, he said.

I keep thinking that spring is coming a little reluctantly, but then I look at our average highs and lows for this time of year. We’re right in the neighborhood of those averages most days, so I guess I must be engaged in some wishful thinking.

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