Hit The Trails

     It’s hard to say what tonight’s predicted snow will do, but in recent days, trail running in the Duluth area has been excellent. The trails are snow-packed and firm. If you wear a pair of cleats or YakTrax over your running shoes, traction is excellent. Without them, you might find some slippery spots.

     We sampled portions of the Superior Hiking Trail in Duluth, trails in the Lester Park area and the trails at Hartley Park over the weekend. We’re staying off the ski trails, as skiers are still using them. Skate skiing has held up pretty well on most trails, and a friend reported good classic skiing with waxless skis at Jay Cooke State Park over the weekend. And I see bike-tire prints on some of the trails we’ve run, too, so I know a few winter bikers have been out.

     Snowmobile trails are thin in most places, according to reports Monday from Minnesota DNR conservation officers.