Into The Cold

    Four of us are taking off soon for a winter camping and lake trout fishing trip into Ontario’s Quetico Provincial Park. Lows our first night in the woods are forecast to be 22 below zero. That’s Fahrenheit, not Celsius. We’ll have a wall tent and woodstove, so we’ll be toasty. But the coming and going may be a bit brisk.

    Funny, you plan a winter trip for March, envisioning sunshine and balmy temps — I’m talking mid-20s. But we know that winter gives up grudgingly sometimes. So you put your dates on the calendar and go.

    New fishing regs are in place for Quetico as of Jan. 1. These had been planned for some time. The new rules mean barbless hooks only and no organic bait — no smelt, cicoes, minnows, leeches or worms — dead or alive. I’ve stocked up on Berkley Powebaits and Gulp products, the scent-impregnated plastics. We’ll have to see if they perform as well as ciscoes and smelt on winter lake trout.

     No sled dogs this trip, just four humans pulling four sleds or toboggans. We’ll plunk the tent down and day-trip from there. It’s always good to be out there, sharing the country with the moose and wolves and otters and foxes.

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  1. Chris Stromberg

    I went out and did a bit of grooming at Dawson Campgrounds on the 4th. I came back with a group to do a little ski today (Sat 8th) It didn’t look like you had been out down the Pines Trail.
    Did you have a change in plans?
    The friends I was skiing with are old acquaintances of yours, Fred and Micki Rayman (Ely) Fred tells me you are also friends with Litchfield and Roger Pekuri. All these fellers will be here Friday night to do The Cross Quetico Lakes Tour on Sat.15th. It is a great way to see old friends and meet new ones.
    I hope if your plans were postponed you will come and join us.
    If you did make it out there I hope you were warm and caught a fish or two.
    Drop me a note and let me know how you made out
    Chris Stromberg

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