No Traction

      That brief freezing rain the other night really slicked things up. It reminds me of a short conversation I had with a fellow runner one equally slippery day several years ago. As we passed on the street, I said to him, "We’re in the season of no traction." He replied, "It’s the season of no attraction."
       There is much to be said for the dawning of March, but the freeze-thaw cycle is not one of its merits. I shuffle out to the dog kennel taking baby steps, trying to stay right-side up on the new glaze. I hit a frozen river in the gutter walking up the hill to work and make a momentary luge run. A friend of mine slipped taking the garbage out a few weeks ago and cracked up both elbows, requiring medical attention. Understand, he still went ice-fishing that day. A guy has to have his priorities.
        I try to tell myself to move easily through March. Slow down. And throw plenty of de-icer on the sidewalk. It’s the season of no traction.

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  1. tw

    your blog ………no traction….was dated…..march fourth…….as to move ahead…how ironical…….

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