About The Eclipse

I hope you got a chance to watch the total lunar eclipse on Wednesday night. The sky was perfectly clear here in Duluth, and the eclipse unfolded as advertised. I happened to be home alone for most of the evening and stepped outside with binoculars several times to watch the shadow of the Earth engulf the moon.
I was telling an astronomer friend that, as celestial events go, a lunar eclipse doesn’t get me as worked up as some other events. I tend to prefer the ephemeral nature and the wispy weavings of the northern lights. Because they’re less predictable, it always seems like more of a treat when we get to see them. But I’m not kicking about the eclipse.
My daughter called from elsewhere in Minnesota as I was watching the eclipse Wednesday night. She was driving home and had forgotten about the eclipse. I told her to look up at the moon, and — wouldn’t you know it — there was the same eclipse going on where she was. It was a nice moment — a dad, a daughter, the same moon up in the sky being shadowed by the same Earth. Sort of put our worlds in perspective.
We talked for a while as we both watched the progress of the eclipse. Then she headed for her home.

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  1. rdecker

    that’s pretty awesome. I think it’s pretty amazing that we can predict with accuracy the celestial events. To be able to say “at exactly this time, this will happen”. it boggles the mind to know that we have our solar system’s clock figured out. now on to the rest of the cosmos.

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