What Goes In…

     A funny thing happened on my recent dogsledding trip to Knife Lake, near Ely, with John and Robin Fisher of Cook and Ed Dallas of Deerwood, Minn.  On our way back, we were running three teams across Ensign Lake when we noticed something small and dark on the snow ahead. The dogs always perk up when they see something different, and they perked up at the sight.
     Turns out it was a dog bootie that had probably worked its way loose from one of the dogs on another team passing that way. I was riding atop the load on John’s sled, and John was on the runners. The dogs sniffed the bootie on the way by, and John snatched it up as we passed. A musher can always use another bootie.
      Not much farther along, we spied another bootie on the trail. So did Wizard, one of the dogs midway in John’s team. This, time Wizard wasn’t going to pass it up. As we passed it, Wizard snatched the bootie in his jaws and ate it in what seemed like one motion.
      Sled dogs will eat a lot of things, including booties. John and Robin had seen this before. Now the only question was: Will it pass through without a problem? Usually, they do.
      I received a letter from Robin Fisher today, some 15 days after the bootie-eating incident.
      "Have not seen Wizard pass any bootie yet," she wrote.
      But Wizard seems to be doing well.