Deer Migration

     Marilyn Persch called the News Tribune to report a deer migration of sorts that she and her husband witnessed on Saturday morning, Feb. 9. The Persches lived on Spirit Cove, on the St. Louis River. Saturday, they saw a "herd of about 40 deer" move from the mainland out toward one of the islands on the river, Marilyn said. Her husband saw the whole bunch. After he called to her, she saw the last 10 in the group.
     Kind of makes you wonder if its part of the same group of deer that hang out in the Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail yards. Maybe you saw the feature and photos of that group in the News Tribune last week. There are sometimes close to 40 deer in that group, including some beautiful mature bucks. If those deer and the ones the Persches saw are not the same deer, there are two large groups in the harbor and the St. Louis River estuary area this winter.
     Not that that should come as any surprise. There are plenty of deer in the city, and those along the harbor and the river are well-protected. None of the hunting zones in the city of Duluth’s annual bowhunt for deer include those areas near the river.

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  1. tw

    saturday morning with the impending weather change…if i was a deer, i would have got on one of those trains and headed south…

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