Back From The Woods

    Just back from three days of winter camping and lake trout fishing by dog team out of Ely. Mushers now have trails established all the way to Ottertrack Lake from the Moose Lake public landing and from Snowbank Lake into Thomas Lake. That will be good news for those who want to get into trout lakes such as Knife, Little Knife, Ottertrack and Thomas in the next month or so as temperatures moderate. We found little slush and good going on lakes. The slush that made travel more difficult earlier in the winter had settled after the last warm spell and the ensuing cold.
     You know you’re in the woods when you see a timber wolf at the public landing. John and Robin Fisher of Cook saw one at the Moose Lake public landing near Ely as they drove in to unload their sled dogs and start the trip.
     The lake trout fishing was good. For more details, check the Outdoors section of Sunday’s Duluth News Tribune (Feb. 10) or our Web site at

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