Behind The Story

     Elsewhere on these news pages, you’ll see a story on David and Lisa Prusak, who at ages 50 and 47 are pulling up stakes and heading for a new life in Alaska. They have children who are 14 and 7. I chose to write that column because I think it’s the kind of piece that jogs all of us off-center for a moment — and maybe longer. It’s fascinating to me to see the choices people make in their lives.
     The Prusaks, at a time when most folks are settling in for the long haul, are launching off into a new endeavor. It’s a calculated risk. And as they told me, nothing is forever. Or, maybe sometimes it is. They’re open to all the possibilities that their move offers.
      David is practicing engineering in Arctic villages, which is something he has wanted to do. Lisa will likely transfer her skills as a physician to a new setting in Anchorage. And their kids will be exposed to experiences different from those they’ve had in Duluth.
      I can tell you this. In my experience, it’s very rare that someone ventures off to do something like the Prusaks are doing and later says it was not the right decision. It’s nearly always the right thing to do because people find a way to make it work. And it usually broadens their lives and leads to opportunities they never anticipated.
      But it still takes nerve and a leap of faith to make the move.