Drive A Dog Team

    Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to spend a number of days on the trail with dogsledders from Duluth and Northeastern Minnesota. I’ve always thought it’s one of the most satisfying ways to engage a northern Minnesota winter. The magic is in the dogs, of course. These are Alaskan huskies — a cross among several breeds — or heavy-duty Eskimo dogs. Watching, and feeling, a team launch out across a snow-covered lake is an amazing experience.
    Understand, I have nothing at stake here. I count among my friends several mushers in Minnesota and one in the Northwest Territories. But I have nothing to gain from suggesting you try a trip. I just think it’s an experience you’d really enjoy. I’d rank it right up there with  a summer trip in the canoe country, fishing trout on Wisconsin’s Brule River at night and skiing down frozen North Shore streams.
     A number of dogsledders offer half-day or two-hour rides. Many offer day-long and overnight camping trips. Some will take you to excellent lake trout fishing in the border country.
     Just do an Internet search for "dogsledding" and an area such as Duluth, Ely, Grand Marais or northern Minnesota. Or search for Chamber of Commerce or visitor bureaus in those areas.