Change Of Scene

     By sunset Saturday, with a good eight inches of snow already on the ground and more falling, snowmobiles crawled through our neighborhood headed for the gas station. Presumably, they were headed for the trails after that.
      On Sunday, Snowflake Nordic Ski Center was alive with cross-country skiers of all sizes. The trails had been groomed, and skiers couldn’t wait to take advantage of the new tracks. Meanwhile, city crews were busy grooming the city ski trails on Sunday at Lester Park, Chester Park and the Piedmont trails. Today, the city plans to groom ski trails at Hartley Park and Magney-Snively Park.
       It’s safe to say that nearly everyone is elated with the snow. Not since 2001 have we had a significant early-winter snowfall. That year, 10.9 inches fell in Duluth from Nov. 26 to 28. Over the past weekend, 6 to 20 inches fell across the Northland.
     For a lot of businesses that rely on winter recreation, this kind of snow can set the tone for a good winter after some lean years. And for those of us who enjoy playing in and on that snow, it just makes life a lot more enjoyable.
       Plus, the snow looks good. All of those nativity scenes and holiday lights just seem to look a lot better against a good blanket of snow.
       Here’s a tip of the hat to all of those who do the maintenance and grooming that allows the rest of us to enjoy the snow.