Waiting For Snow

     Seventy Duluth-area high school students, coaches and parent sponsors returned Saturday afternoon from a week at West Yellowstone, Mont., where they were training for the upcoming cross-country ski season. No snow was on the ground at West Yellowstone when the skiers arrived, so they spent a couple of days roller-skiing, mountain-biking and hiking. Then a foot of snow fell, and they were set for the rest of the week.

    We could use a dump like that here, but I don’t see any in the forecast. So, those of us who love to ride snow machines, cross-country ski and snowshoe must wait. Certainly, we hope for a more typical winter than last, when most of the snow came from March on.

    Meanwhile, we can still find ways to be outside. Trail running is great, with the ground frozen and dry, or maybe a skiff of remaining snow on it. Hiking is also good, for the same reasons. And when my wife and I were finishing a walk at dusk in Duluth’s Hartley Field the other night, we saw a couple of mountain bikers cruising through.

    Time your outing right, and you can catch the just-past-full moon rising early tonight. Maybe a quick snow-dance under that moon would help.