One Last Trip

    I’ve always believed that pushing the fringes of the seasons can lead to some memorable experiences. Frequent e-mail correspondents Tom and Carol Heinrich of Hayward checked in this week with an account of a canoeing day-trip they made recently to Brule Lake north of Lutsen in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. As usual, they took along Zip and Rugs, their two Labradors.
    Yes, it was snowing when Tom and Carol hit the landing at Brule, but if you know them, you know they decided to paddle anyway. A strong east wind on the lake, which runs east and west, only added to the day’s challenge.
    Here’s an excerpt from Tom’s account of the day: "Snow builds in the bottom of the canoe, and my sunglasses have snow
lenses.  In the bow, the east side of Carol’s stocking hat is snow
packed, the west side lies in the shadow of protection.  Zip glares at
me: whatintheworldarewedoingouthere?
    "In summer, we pushed a Souris River canoe loaded with dogs and packs for 23 days.  Wind, bugs, thunder and  lightning slowed us, questioned our abilities, but never forced us to quit. In the end, we  paddled 250 miles, did 90 portages, and enjoyed the Canadian bush. To turn toward the parking lot just wouldn’t be the right way to end the paddling
    And they pushed on for another mile with the wind before turning to paddle a mile back into it to the landing. When winter closes in, and we all move closer to the fire, those are the kind of days we’ll remember.