Wisconsin’s Deer Hunt

As Wisconsin’s gun deer opener approaches (Nov. 17), the big question is always the same: Are the deer rutting? The rut has begun in Wisconsin, as it has in Minnesota. Bucks are moving, chasing does. Does are not necessarily receptive to breeding yet, but that will happen as the rut continues. Greg Kessler, a Department of Natural Resources wildlife manager at Brule, said the rut should continue at least through the first weekend of Wisconsin’s nine-day season.
Other questions pop up every year on the eve of Wisconsin’s gun deer season, and the DNR tries to answer them. Here are a few from a recent DNR news release:
1. Can I hunt the day before the season? No, on the Friday before the gun deer season, no hunting is allowed except for waterfowl hunting.
2. Can I take my child hunting without a gun or license? Yes, your child may accompany you to observe the hunt. Blaze orange clothing is recommended.
3. What handguns are legal for deer hunting? Deer may be hunted with handguns loaded with center-fire cartridges of .22 caliber or larger that have a minimum barrel length of 5 1/2 inches measured from the muzzle to the firing pin with the action closed.
4. What does a "cased" firearm mean? The rule "enclosed in a carrying case" means the firearm must be completely contained in a gun case expressly made for that purpose which is fully enclosed by being zipped, snapped, buckled, tied or otherwise fastened, with no portion of the firearm exposed.
5. Can someone else transport my deer after it’s legally tagged and registered? Yes. Any
person may transport a lawfully taken deer if it is properly tagged and
registered, whether the person transporting the deer has a hunting license or not.

Good luck as you prepare for the coming season.