Lots Of Deer Stories

    One of the best things about  being an outdoors writer this time of year is hearing deer stories. Most of the stories I hear involve the hunter getting the buck or the doe. But not all of them do. When deer hunters spend a lot of time in their stands, they see a lot of other wildlife — ruffed grouse, coyotes, bobcats, timber wolves, mink and more. As any deer hunter knows, it is not all of deer hunting to shoot a deer.
    We’ll run a collection of deer hunting stories in this Sunday’s Outdoors section in the News Tribune.
    Several deer hunters have mentioned how many ruffed grouse they’ve seen during deer season — contrary to some reports from grouse hunters earlier this season. Maybe the grouse were there after all. We won’t know for sure until next spring’s drumming counts.
    Hey, our "Big Bucks" gallery is up and running on our Web site, and we’d love to add your buck to the package. Send your photo to me at scook@duluthnews.com and we’ll post them as fast as we can. We’ll take any size buck and any size hunter. We prefer photos without blood and without tongues hanging out of the deer.