Trophy Roadkill

Minnesota’s deer season opens Saturday (Nov. 3), but someone passing through
Eveleth already claimed his trophy buck. Matt, a reader from Eveleth,
called Tuesday to say that an impressive buck had been hit and killed by a car
along U.S. Highway 53 in Eveleth. The buck lay in the median, visible to passing
traffic. Matt reported that someone had apparently stopped, cut the buck’s head
off and kept it, and left the rest of the animal. Now, its headless body lies in
the median, an image that Matt finds repugnant.
For the record,
it’s unlawful to possess a car-killed deer except with a special permit from a
Department of Natural Resources conservation officer.
Absconding with
a trophy buck is not unheard of. Numerous times over the years, I’ve heard
reports from hunters who had nice bucks in their pickups during deer season.
When the hunters stopped at a tavern for a refreshment or bite to eat, they’ve
emerged to find their entire buck missing.